Alternative to Ritter Sports "Cacao y nada" Cocoa Fruit Bar

Alternative Ritter Sport "Cacao y nada"

Last week, we followed with great interest the events surrounding the product launch of Ritter Sport's limited edition chocolate "Cacao y nada". The fact that this is officially not a chocolate according to food law also surprised us and made us think for a moment "Wait a minute! Don't we also have a chocolate that is completely free of sugar and sweeteners?".

And indeed, we do: our 100% bean-to-bar chocolate variety "Solomon Islands" from Feitoria do Cacao. It even consists of no sweetener at all and is made entirely from the cocoa bean. While Ritter Sport adds cocoa fruit juice from the pulp of the cocoa to the cocoa fruit bar "Cacao y nada", which contains glucose and fructose, the bean-to-bar chocolate from Portugal consists of 100% cocoa bean from the Solomon Islands.

Therefore, we have decided to officially call the "chocolate" from our online boutique a cocoa bean bar. It is therefore also suitable for those who want or need to completely avoid any sugar or sweeteners and is a real alternative to Ritter Sports "Cacao y nada". In addition, the number of cocoa bean bars in our online boutique is not limited as it is with Ritter Sport, but new bars are produced monthly by hand in Aveiro by the two founders Sue and Tomoko.

Nevertheless, be forewarned: the chocolate is not for the faint-hearted! The 100% flavour of the cocoa bean causes a bitter explosion in the body when tasting it, but this subsides as soon as the cocoa can unfold its strength on the palate. What remains is the 100% taste of cocoa, which is somewhat reminiscent of olive and cashew.

So if you've never dared to try a cocoa bean bar before, you shouldn't miss the chance to try Feitoria do Cacao's bean-to-bar chocolate. And if 100% chocolate is just too much for you, there is something for everyone in our online boutique with numerous varieties from 41% cocoa content. With this in mind, enjoy...

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