Benamôr: The popular hand creams from Lisbon

Benamor Store in Lissabon

We are incredibly happy to announce that we have succeeded in adding the cult beauty brand Benamôr to our range. After months of intensive work, we were able to place our first large order and purchase the popular hand creams from the Portuguese capital Lisbon, among other things. Thus, with the Benamôr brand, a colourful piece of Portugal has once again arrived in Dortmund. A mysterious pharmacist in Lisbon laid the foundation for today's successful brand.

It was in 1925 that a mysterious pharmacist created miraculous ointments and creams in his laboratory at Campo Grande n°189. His handmade beauty recipes were based on unique fragrances and natural ingredients grown under the Portuguese sun: Lemon, Rose, Aloe Vera or Almond Oil. Packaged in charming Art Deco tubes, the products were an instant hit and all the Lisbon beauties were addicted to them, including Queen Amélie herself, who reigned until 1908 and was the last Queen of Portugal.

Benamor Store Lissabon

Benamôr produced some of Portugal's most iconic beauty recipes, such as Créme de Rosto, the miracle face cream that gives women an instant glow with rose extract, which remains unchanged in its formula to this day. The hand creams Alantoíne and Bronzaline were also among the most sought-after creations of the House of Benamôr.

Many years have passed and Benamôr is still one of Portugal's most popular beauty brands, spreading its delicious beauty recipes around the world. Benamôr's original beauty recipes are still prepared by hand with love and care by skilled artisans, trained by a century of savoir-faire.

Benamôr also focuses on quality when it comes to ingredients and uses at least 95% natural ingredients in most of its products, such as lemon from the Algarve or salt from the lagoon of Aveiro. Thus, the high-quality beauty formulas always offer the right product even for the most demanding consumers.

In keeping with the summer season, we were also able to add the new product line "Alecrim" to our range. Refined with organic rosemary oil, eucalyptus and peppermint extract, the products offer the necessary cooling on the skin and are therefore also recommended for warm temperatures. Summer can finally come...

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