Couto toothpaste - The story of the cult toothpaste from Portugal

Couto toothpaste

We look back to 1932 and the hour of the birth of today's Pasta Dentrifica Couto or simply called Couto toothpaste. That year the pharmacist Dr. Alberto Ferreira Couto entering the formula of the Couto toothpaste in Porto. Together with a dentist friend, Ferreira Couto developed the toothpaste with the aim of combating gum problems in the population.n.

In the years that followed, word of the exceptional quality of toothpaste in Portugal quickly got around and an ever-increasing part of the population used Ferreira Couto's toothpaste. The numerous advertising campaigns by the Couto company also brought toothpaste the necessary attention. One of the most successful commercials was the video linked here, in which a Portuguese artist was able to lift a chair with his bare teeth and toss it through the air.

The video, which was supposed to highlight the strength of the toothpaste and its special effect on the teeth, also spread in numerous other countries and helped Couto achieve his breakthrough. The brand established itself in Portugal and achieved cult status among the population.

In Germany, too, the quality of the toothpaste with its unchanged formula from 1932 and the positive effects on receding gums and inflammation were confirmed by experts. In addition to the antiseptic effect for healthy gums, the fine mint aroma of the Couto toothpaste also ensures long-lasting fresh breath.

Despite the great success of the Couto toothpaste, the Couto brand is by no means interested in global expansion. The range has therefore been deliberately kept small for years and further product launches were a long time coming. It was only in the past few years that Couto launched other retro-design products on the market with hand, shaving and moisturizing cream.

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