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Feinkost Dortmund

When you visit our online boutique for the first time, you will quickly realise that we are not your standard Portuguese online shop with the usual delicacies. True to the motto "less, but high quality", we have lovingly put together an assortment where everyone gets their money's worth. Each of our Portuguese products tells its own story: whether it's a newly founded start-up or the oldest tea plantation in Europe, we have the very special Portuguese names here, most of which are still very unknown in Germany.

But what exactly distinguishes these Portuguese specialities and how do they differ from the classic Portuguese foods that can already be bought in Dortmund and throughout Germany?

A LOT, we can tell you. In addition to traditional companies that Portuguese kings and queens have relied on, there are also some modern start-ups and family businesses. From one of the best chocolate brands in Europe (Feitoria do Cacao), to the founding couple Blissout with their peanut butters, to Oprah Winfrey's favourite soap brand Ach Brito, there really is a lot in the range. We also place a lot of value on fairly produced products, where neither people nor animals have had to suffer for them.

Portugiesische Spezialitäten

Whether sustainable curd soaps, fairly produced bean-to-bar chocolates or family-grown tea without the use of pesticides and without exploitation of the tea pickers, we are happy to surprise you every time with another novelty from Portugal. We are also growing our own brand and will try to be listed in local shops in the future (hopefully soon in Dortmund as well).

So if you are still looking for special Portuguese delicacies for Christmas, are looking for a gift at short notice in Dortmund (short delivery time, especially to Hombruch, Hörde and the Kreuzviertel) or simply want to bring a piece of Portugal into your own four walls, we can only recommend our Portuguese online boutique.

We look forward to your visit and hope you enjoy browsing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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