Insider tip: the fishing trail in Portugal

Fischerpfad in Portugal

The Portuguese Fishermen's Trail runs along the Atlantic coast from the village of Porto Covo to Odeceixe over four stages. The 75-kilometre-long hiking trail, called "Trilho dos Pescadores" in Portuguese, impresses with its beautiful coastal landscapes away from mass tourism and is considered one of the most beautiful coastal trails in the world.

For the first stage, you start at the market square in the town of Porto Covo and cover 20 kilometres to Vila Nova de Milfontes. This first section is mainly characterised by dune landscapes and you can always orientate yourself by the green-blue markings along the route. The first stage is already quite challenging, as a large part of the route runs over sand and dunes. This takes a lot more energy, but the sight of the storks on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic makes you forget your exhaustion for a moment. In addition, you can already see the first fishermen along the route casting their fishing lines in the ocean. Nevertheless, it should be said that the route is not necessarily something for people with a great fear of heights, as part of the route runs along the cliffs and the descent can be very steep in places.

Störche Fischerpfad Portugal

After arriving in Odeceixe, the second stage runs for 15 kilometres to Almograve. Compared to the first section, the landscape here is mainly characterised by wide fields. Along the route, you can also admire cows and storks, as well as the unique flora. With a light breeze from the sea, this stage is something for connoisseurs, even though the paths on this section are often very dusty. Finally, after 15 kilometres of scenery worth seeing, you reach the village of Almograve, which is still very popular among surfers. In the village itself, however, there is not quite so much to discover.

The penultimate stage is also the longest of the four stages and runs from Almograve to Zambujera do Mar. The 22-kilometre route is very quiet and characterised by coastal landscapes. This section is ideal for simply switching off, as you are alone with yourself and nature. If you are lucky, you may even see one or two locals with their donkeys on this section of the route. Once you arrive in Zambujera do Mar, it's worth visiting the beautiful sandy beach and recharging your batteries for the last stage.

This runs over 18 kilometres to the end point in Odeceixe and is very scenic and varied. Many call it the most beautiful of the four stages and it is definitely one of the less strenuous ones.

portugiesische Fischerpfad

All in all, it is not for nothing that the Portuguese Fishermen's Path is said to be one of the most beautiful coastal paths in the world. Along the route, there are always overnight accommodation options and sometimes also pick-up services from the individual accommodations, which save you the last kilometres from the fishing trail to your accommodation. For us, this is definitely a real insider's tip in Portugal.

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