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Blissout Peanut Butter Boutiqua Portuguesa

With great excitement about the upcoming collaboration, we can announce today that BlissOUT peanut butter has made its way into our online boutique. The Lisbon-based brand has been successfully selling their homemade peanut butters since 2019 and was founded by the founder couple Camila & Alvaro. The two Venezuelans have been living in Portugal for a few years and have been able to fulfill their dream of starting their own business

"As innovative entrepreneurs that we have always been, we have now decided to create a unique product that represents us and helps us share the feeling of happiness with many others. "

During our still relatively short partnership, a sort of friendship has already been developed with both of them and we are all the more delighted that BlissOUT is available at Boutiqua Portuguesa. The warmth and joie de vivre of Camila & Alvaro can be felt and tasted all the way to Germany, because the two founders still fill each peanut butter by hand. In a small production hall in the Cascais region near Lisbon, each peanut delivery from Camila & Alvaro has to be carried into the premises individually, as no pallets can be pushed through the small entrance. The result of each individual variety is all the more impressive! This is also due to their passion for this extraordinary product.

"Why peanut butter? For us, peanut butter is indispensable in our daily lives. We use it to supplement our breakfast, as fuel before or after a workout, or to add excitement to any smoothie, snack or even savoury dish. We decided to incorporate the spices and superfoods we like best into our peanut butter. It didn't just work; it rocked! So we decided to make it our business and share it with the world."

A particularly remarkable story, considering that the two had very limited Portuguese skills when they started their project and wanted to personally convince individual organic stores in Portugal of their products. In the end, the quality of BlissOUT prevailed and the local markets were enthusiastic about the products. The founders focus primarily on high-quality organic ingredients that are vegan, glutenfree and free of artificial additives.

But how do you come up with the name BlissOUT and what does the word mean? On their website, the two give a brief definition to the word and describe Bliss out as a state in which one relaxes, daydreams and loses consciousness through contentment. The taste explosion of their products definitely contribute to this and help us feel a bit of joie de vivre and relaxation in our everyday lives. We are looking forward to a long cooperation with Camila and Alvaro and to you finally having the opportunity to feel the BlissOUT feeling in Germany.

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