Pearl phone charms: the must-have accessory of the year

Perlen Handykette

It is the must-have of the year and will probably remain a trend for the coming year. We are talking about phone charms, which are already available in several designs and in different shops. Since most of these mobile phone chains are made of plastic materials, we thought we would make them ourselves from natural materials. We are especially fond of freshwater pearls and shells, which is why we offer the first collection of pearl phone charms made of natural materials in our Portuguese online boutique.

Inspired by Portuguese places like Aveiro and Lagos, we went in search of the right materials and worked for weeks on the perfect pearl phone charm. To be more precise, it was Giusi who was able to let her creativity flow fully in this project and already had the first ideas in her head before the trend really took off at the beginning of this year. Since a large part of the phone charms offered until recently were still made of plastic materials, she started looking for suitable alternative natural materials and worked on the perfect composition for the pearl phone charms.

But what would our phone charms be without the actual story behind them? Since we are drawn to Portuguese cities and would love to spend a large part of the year in Portugal, we wanted to incorporate these magical places into the pearl phone charms.

Inspiration Handykette

The bright and colourful Aveiro was the first inspiration for the pearl phone charm Aveiro. Freshwater pearls and shells in combination with the colourful shell beads reflect the Venice of Portugal and are handmade by Giusi in limited quantities. The second source of inspiration was the city of Lagos in the south of Portugal, which is also called the "Pearl of the Algarve" to match our pearl phone charms. With its turquoise blue sea water and golden yellow beaches, we were so taken with this city that we created a second mobile pearl phone charm from it.

We are already looking forward to bringing you a piece of Portugal to your favourite mobile phone with our pearl phone charms, without having to save on high-quality materials. Due to the use of natural materials such as freshwater pearls or shell pearls, each of the individual phone charmsis unique and is definitely an eye-catcher for every occasion.

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