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online shop portugal

Boutiqua Portuguesa announces that the online shop will be temporarily closed from 31 July 2023. The reason for the closure is the upcoming semester abroad of the founding team, which will take place in Portugal from August. During this time, it will not be possible to place orders. The closure affects all products with the exception of the handmade jewellery, which will continue to be available through the online shop.

"We regret to temporarily stop offering orders to our customers, but we are using this time to get inspired in Portugal and share our travel experiences with our customers," said Marc Rodrigues.

The company plans to keep customers updated on travel tips and recommendations in Portugal through social media posts, blog posts and emails during the absence. The goal is to continue to provide customers with helpful and interesting content during the break and to continue to inspire them.

The founding team is looking forward to an inspiring time in Portugal and sharing their travel experiences with the community. The online shop is expected to reopen during the new year. In the meantime, customers can continue to buy the handmade jewellery in limited quantities directly from the online shop.

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