The time has finally come: Our first own product is available online

Boutiqua Portuguesa

It feels a little surreal and yet last Friday, after eight months, we finally did it: our own green tea range is available for purchase in our online boutique. Who would have thought that the whole adventure would start with a simple question "Did you know that the oldest tea plantation in Europe is in Portugal?" from Marc's dad. And yet it was...

So over the next few months, as we did our research and set up the online boutique, we tasted and drank Azorean green tea regularly. We were immediately enthusiastic, which was of course also due to the fact that the teas do not contain any pesticides and are also refined without flavourings in the Azores. However, since there was only a very limited selection of flavours of the green teas and we were missing some varieties, we mixed our own creations from selected and high-quality ingredients. The result has become our three tea blends Invincible Lisboa Power, Romantic Porto Date and Blue Island Sensation, all three of which, of course, also come without additional flavourings.

What is also special about them is the story behind each individual variety, which we will present to you in more detail in the coming weeks and months. Inspired by the Portuguese wall tiles (azulejos), we also created the product design. Each package is unique and some of the tiles depicted on the product packaging can be found in Portugal's cities. So the next time you discover the design of our product packaging on a house façade during a city trip through Lisbon, you should take a photo of the façade including the product packaging, because unfortunately we have not yet had the chance to do so.

Grüner Tee Portugal

With the completion of the product packaging and design, we have been working on the bottling of the tea over the past few weeks. The legal hurdles for bottling tea should not be underestimated and we would like to thank Thomas Wilmsmann from Buffet-Service Wilmsmann in Schalksmühle all the more. He made his premises available to us for bottling the tea and thus helped us a lot with the start. Many thanks Thomas!

Having arrived last Friday, we will now try to make the tea available to you in selected shops in the coming weeks. Of course, our philosophy is to work as closely as possible with the trade, as we are particularly interested in long-term and friendly cooperation. We will keep you informed and wish you all a good start into the new week. Thanks again to everyone for the support and positive words!

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