Founding couple from Dortmund launches black Azores tea on the market

Azorentee Dortmund

After the two students Giuseppina Licata and Marc Rodrigues successfully launched their own green tea blends from Portugal with their Portuguese online boutique in August last year, the first Portuguese black tea blends followed last week.

Flavour-free, fairly produced and grown in Europe, these are three main characteristics that distinguish the teas of the Boutiqua Portuguesa brand. The two green tea lovers, who are also a well-coordinated team in their private lives, have overcome their own shadows with their latest creations and developed black tea blends: "We were never really black tea drinkers and therefore also sceptical when we ordered a few samples of black tea from the Azores after the successful green tea launch," says founder Giuseppina Licata.

But the black Azorean tea, which by nature has a milder taste than commercially available black teas, immediately convinced the founding couple. So much so, in fact, that the two did not stop at the three tea blends: "This time we are also offering pure black tea from the Azores to give customers the opportunity to try the product at a lower price," Marc Rodrigues reports.

It is therefore also exciting to take a look at the varieties that the founding couple have created in the relatively short time of half a year. In addition to the two pure black teas mentioned above, this time the range includes flavours such as bourbon vanilla, a chai blend with Ayurvedic spices, but also a flowery variety refined with rose petals.

Packaged in a high-quality stand-up pouch decorated with the heads of the two founders, each variety resembles a small work of art. In addition, the fairly produced teas from Portugal are still bottled by hand in the Sauerland region by the founding couple themselves.

The new black teas as well as the three green tea blends can be found in the 50g packaging in the online shop of Boutiqua Portuguesa.


Boutiqua Portuguesa is an online boutique that sells products from Portugal and has launched its own Portuguese tea blends. All products are sourced from Portugal by the two founders Giuseppina Licata and Marc Rodrigues themselves and offered for sale in the online boutique. With their own tea blends, the founding couple wants to be listed at local stationary retailers in the future and bring a piece of Portuguese lifestyle to Germany. Close and personal contact with suppliers and customers is very important to both of them.

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