Founding couple from Dortmund launches their own "Stand with Ukraine" tea on the market

Stand with Ukraine Tee

After the two students Giuseppina Licata and Marc Rodrigues heard about the events in Ukraine with their Portuguese online boutique in February, the two founders immediately set about implementing a tea for those affected from Ukraine. 

Flavour-free, fairly produced and grown in Europe, these are three main characteristics that distinguish the teas of the Boutiqua Portuguesa brand. The two tea lovers, who are also a well-coordinated team in their private lives, launched a black tea with a serious background last week: "When we heard about the terrible events in Ukraine, we didn't want to stand idly by with our start-up," says founder Giuseppina Licata.

And so the couple set about developing a "Stand with Ukraine" tea, with all profits from the sales of this tea being donated to the Integration Kulturzentrum e.V. in the district of Mettmann. There, those responsible are committed to orphanages in western Ukraine, which are currently overcrowded with children and young people from eastern Ukraine. In addition, isolated transports of orphans to Germany are organised and donations are made to help those affected on site.

The founding couple was able to put the idea of tea into practice in record time and started selling it through their own online shop. Founder Marc Rodrigues also emphasises: "We are well aware that our influence as a small start-up is relatively small, but we hope to be able to set an example with the tea and perhaps also be a role model for one or two other companies. We would be very happy about imitators! The help is urgently needed.".

Under the slogan "MAKE TEA NOT WAR", the fairly produced "Stand with Ukraine" black tea can be found in the 100g packaging for €5.90 in the online shop of Boutiqua Portuguesa since this week.


Boutiqua Portuguesa is an online boutique from Dortmund that sells products from Portugal and has launched its own Portuguese tea blends. All products are sourced from Portugal by the two founders Giuseppina Licata and Marc Rodrigues themselves and offered for sale in the online boutique. Close and personal contact with suppliers and customers is very important to both of them.

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