Ach Brito Seifen

In 1887, when soaps and perfumes were only available to the highest income groups, two Germans living in Portugal (Claus and Schweder) founded Portugal's first soap and perfume factory and launched the first product lines. Due to the high quality of the soaps and perfumes, the factory became increasingly well-known in Portugal and in 1908, the two founders Claus and Schweder were honoured with a visit from the Portuguese King Dom Manuell II. When the First World War broke out, the two fled back to Germany and Claus and Schweder were never heard from again.

This led to the closure of the soap and perfume factory in 1914. In 1918, the former manager of the factory, Achilles de Brito and his brother Affonso de Brito, founded a soap and perfume company in the city of Porto, Ach. Brito. Seven years later in 1925, Ach. Brito then bought the remains of Claus and Schweder's former soap and perfume factory, as well as its associated assets.

Since then, the company has withstood the test of time by successfully combining the tradition and sophistication of the old products with the best that modern times and technology have to offer. Nowadays Ach. Brito covers the entire market, with brands in different segments. The company is present in the most important national shops and exports to more than 50 countries. The company's success is based not only on the quality of its products, but also on its historical portfolio, the aesthetics of its packaging and decades of experience in soap making, as well as the quality of its products.