Breathe in the aroma, close your eyes and travel with us to a Portugal of other times:

Typical neighborhoods, small shops and Portuguese cobblestone streets full of people and entertainment. Gentlemen in hats who go out flawlessly and stroll through the narrow streets. The neighborhoods of barber shops, where people shave with razors, shaving cream and brushes and where many conversations take place.

This is the spirit that the Antiga Barbearia de Bairro aims to revive and perpetuate ...

The beard brand from Lisbon picks up many elements of Portugal in its products and offers men more than just cosmetics, namely fashion and art for men. The products are reminiscent of old times and bring traditions with them to the present day. Every single piece, every packaging, every fragrance and every color and texture are to be regarded as art. The total work of art is reflected in the different product lines Principe Real andRibeira do Porto reflected in our online boutique.