Cacao di Vine chocolate

The idea for Cacao di Vine came from Nuno Andrade, designer and cocoa lover, and Nuno Jorge, a sommelier who used to work in top restaurants like Eleven (Lisbon) and Arcadas da Capela (Coimbra). Both come from Coimbra, are brothers-in-law and friends, and started giving each other wines and chocolates at family gatherings. The idea of a tasty combination was born.

The Portuguese company Cacao di Vine has combined its passions for wine and chocolate in a series of almost irresistible wine chocolates. Embedded in a delicate ganache, each wine used develops an unimagined development of aromas in combination with the dark chocolate enveloping it. The chocolate used is a 70% blend with cocoa beans from São Tomé and Príncipe, Brazil, Madagascar and Ecuador. The wine chocolate is not enjoyed as a bar, but in small individually wrapped drops that bring out its flavours immediately on the tongue.