Serramel Honig Portugal

SERRAMEL's origins date back to 1898, when Jorge de Almeida Lima acquired the first mobile hives and operated them at the Quinta do Lameiro in S. Domingos de Benfica, Lisbon.

In 1974, two of Jorge Almeida Limas' great-great-grandchildren resumed beekeeping when they decided to repair the old hives and put their heart and soul into beekeeping. From Lisbon, the two moved to Penamacor, in the Beira Baixa, and chose the magnificent landscapes of the Serra da Malcata as the privileged terroir for the high quality SERRAMEL honeys.

The bees' habitat is the Serra da Malcata, a nature reserve of 21,000 hectares. The relief there is hilly, with oak forests in the north and Mediterranean scrub in large areas, under which heather, wild lavender and steppes predominate. This serra is the seventh highest mountain range in mainland Portugal and the source of the river Bazágueda, a tributary of the Erges. In this environment, bees collect the precious nectar of wild flowers in a space with little human intervention, where nature is still intact and enchanting. In recent years, SERRAMEL has won several prizes in national honey competitions.