Gründer Boutiqua Portuguesa

Who we are?

We are a couple from the south of Dortmund and are happy to introduce our online boutique, where we bring special Portuguese specialities and delicacies to Germany.

The story of our first online boutique began with a toothpaste. Marc's father, a native Portuguese, raved about the cult toothpaste Couto from Porto, which was reissued according to the original recipe from 1932 and is celebrated worldwide with its typical retro packaging. As the toothpaste was difficult to buy in Germany, Marc's parents brought us the cult toothpaste from their holiday in Portugal in 2018.

A year later, we then stocked up on a range of special products ourselves during our holiday together in Portugal. Back in Germany, our curiosity was piqued by Marc's father's statement:

 "By the way, there is the oldest tea plantation in Europe in Portugal. Did you know that?"

reawakened. Days of research followed and again the realisation that some of the tea from the oldest tea plantation in Europe, "Cha Gorreana", is not even available for purchase in Germany.

The idea of the Boutiqua Portuguesa was born! With the knowledge in the field of e-commerce from our studies at the University of Applied Sciences Münster and a lot of hard work to read up on the subject of online trade, we built up our online boutique within a very short time. We contacted the suppliers and were able to fulfil our dream and launch the online boutique at the end of November.

Every single product and brand in our shop tells its own story. From young start-ups to established traditional family businesses, we work with Portuguese brands that represent and live our values.

From the idea, to the webshop, to the product photos and marketing, we do all the work ourselves and put a lot of love and passion into every single detail.

 We want the memories of our last holiday in Portugal not to remain memories, but to live on the holiday feeling in Germany.

A little piece of Portugal in our daily lives makes the time until the next summer holiday go by much faster. We also dream that Portuguese brands and products will no longer be an exception in Germany, but will become an integral part of the everyday life of each and every one of us.

We are therefore very pleased to welcome you to our online boutique and are always happy to answer any questions or give you feedback.

Kind regards

Giusi & Marc