Geschenkbox für Meeresliebhaber
Geschenkbox Portugal


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Deep blue water combined with a salty sea breeze characterise this unique gift box. We developed it especially for sea lovers who always lack the daily dose of vitamin sea in their everyday life and for whom every day without the sea is a lost day.

The Atlantic Ocean invites you on a voyage of discovery and has many surprises in store. While the sea with its changing shades of blue is reflected in Blue Island Sensation tea, the tuna has already had one or two spicy adventures on its journey through the Atlantic. The scent of the sea, or "mar" in Portuguese, can also be felt on the archipelagos of the Azores. Here, the so-called Azorean cows produce a special milk, also known as "Azorean milk", on wide fields directly by the sea and under relaxed conditions.

Processed into a handmade chocolate, it gives the gift box for sea lovers a sweet and incomparable finish that makes the longing for the Atlantic Ocean vanish, at least for a moment.


1x Blue Island Sensation tea 50g

1x White chocolate azores milk 50g

1x Mar soap 75g

1x Tuna Paté Spicy 75g