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For all lovers of our green tea series or beginners who want to try all three varieties, the green tea set is perfect. You get the complete green tea range and also save money. Included in the green tea set are our three varieties: Invincible Lisboa Power, Romantic Porto Date and Blue Island Sensation.


Brewing time: 4 to 7 minutes

Temperature: 80° to 85° C

1 to 2 teaspoons per cup

Store in a cool & dry place and protect from light.

Start with freshly boiled water and cool it to about 80 to 85 degrees. Then brew two teaspoons of tea per person fresh in your teapot or teacup. Let the tea steep for about 4 to 7 minutes. After brewing, squeeze the tea with a spoon to intensify the tea flavour. As our teas do not contain any additional flavours, we recommend that you adjust the optimum brewing time to the desired intensity of taste.


Green tea "Hysson" 70% (Azores), lemon verbena 6%, Nana mint 6%, peppermint, mate leaves, orange blossom 4% and guarana.

Green tea "Hysson" 70% (Azores), rose petals 10%, dried raspberry, erica flowers, moringa leaves and globe amaranth.

Green tea "Encosta de Bruma" 80% (Azores) and butterfly pea flowers 20%.