3 insider tips where you can eat glutenfree in Porto

Porto glutenfrei essen

Today's blog post is especially for those of you who suffer from coeliac disease, have a gluten intolerance or simply consciously eat glutenfree. During our last holiday in Portugal in 2019, we found some great places for gluten-free food in Porto and would like to share our experiences with you. We hope the blog post can help some of you who are travelling to Porto after the whole Corona crisis and are looking for delicious glutenfree places to eat locally.

1) NOLA Kitchen

The first insider tip we would like to take you to is Nola Kitchen. Nola Kitchen is a restaurant/café in the heart of Porto, just a 4-minute walk from Livraria Lello. Derived from the English "No Labels", Nola Kitchen focuses on healthy and natural ingredients that do not harm our bodies in any way. Therefore, Nola Kitchen deliberately avoids refined sugars, flavours or preservatives and instead uses delicious alternative ingredients. The dishes on offer vary depending on the ingredients of the current season and are always freshly prepared. It should also be mentioned that Nola Kitchen does not exclusively offer glutenfree dishes, but there is generally a large selection in this area. From glutenfree bowls including bread to gluten-free pancakes, there is something for everyone and that is also why Nola Kitchen was one of the places where we had our lunch or an afternoon snack almost every day. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely try it out, as the staff was always very friendly and accommodating and happy to cater to individual wishes. For us, it's a clear MUST VISIT if you're spending a few days in the capital of port wine.

Nola Kitchen glutenfrei PortoNOLA Kitchen

Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre 25

4050-259 Porto


(Source photos: NOLA Kitchen)

2) Com Cuore

What sounds Italian at first is actually in the centre of Porto. Almost opposite the old Sao Bento railway station, the small café Com Cuore has set up shop and offers exclusively glutenfree dishes. This small Portuguese eatery specialises in glutenfree baked goods and cakes, which are also very good to take away or to eat on the go. In addition to the traditional Pastel de Nata, you can also find sandwiches, waffles and other specialities there, and all of them GLUTENFREE. So if you want to spend as little time as possible waiting in restaurants during the day or perhaps fancy a sweet Portuguese speciality or two, Café Com Cuore is more than recommendable. Just be warned...the dishes on offer can lead to weight gain/ are not recommended for dieters ;D

Com Cuore Porto glutenfrei

Com Cuore

Rua Trindade Coelho entrada 10 loja 11

4050-618 Porto


(Source photo: Com Cuore)

3) Urbana

Our last recommendation for glutenfree food in Porto is the Urbana restaurant. Urbana is located just outside the city, not far from the Matosinhos district and close to the sea. The small restaurant, which has a South American (Brazilian) feel to the décor, gives you the refreshment you need for the day. In addition to homemade smoothies, Urbana is known for its delicious tapioca wraps and acai specialities. Most of the dishes on offer are glutenfree and can be put together individually. Urbana also relies on natural and healthy ingredients for its dishes, which are particularly suitable for a light lunch on warm summer days. Urbana also offers lunch specials, which not only save you money, but also give you the chance to enjoy a variety of specialities. A little tip: Urbana is now probably also in the centre of Porto, near the Clérigos Church on Rua dos Taipas.

Urbana Porto glutenfrei

Urbana Verdadeiramente Natural

R. do Mal. Saldanha 294

4150-651 Porto


(Source photo: Urbana)

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