Miss Can

Miss Can's gourmet canned fish from Lisbon is unique and has already won many awards for its concept. In this case, we'll let the brand itself do the introducing:

"Hello, my name is Miss Can and believe it or not, I am a mermaid.

In the days when my grandfather founded the company in 1911, it was traditional for preserves to bear the name of a woman to represent the preserver's platonic love for her. Hence the name Miss Can, although I also think it speaks volumes about my personality, as an independent mermaid capable of anything.

I have travelled the world and the seven seas, but my story begins in the castle of S. Jorge in Lisbon. There I started selling my fish with the help of my yellow "submarine". I'm something of a social butterfly, the kind of mermaid who makes friends easily, so word got around and suddenly I had a sea of interested people.

My big breakthrough came in 2015 when I won the National Creative Economy Award in Portugal and the Arla Foods Innovation Challenge in Copenhagen, representing my country. At that point, the world was my oyster, but a girl needs a home, so I decided to use the prize money to turn my family home into a "petiscaria" (a place for delicacies). At Petiscaria, what you see is what you get: Authentic seafood and honest mermaid-style hospitality. We laugh, we talk, we eat and we do it my way. Everyone is invited, so I hope to see you soon, you are more than welcome aboard my little adventure."