Feitoria do Cacao

The Feitoria do Cacao brand was born after a trip to São Tomé and Principe by the company's two founders - Tomoko Suga and Sue Tavares. In São Tomé and Principe, the two had the opportunity to visit several cocoa plantations and get in direct contact with the people who produce the cocoa. During the visits that they were allowed to make, they were shown how cocoa is processed until it ends up in the hands of chocolate manufacturers around the world. Not only did they get to know the entire process, but they were also shown the humble and bitter life of cocoa farmers, which in no way corresponds to the image we have of chocolate: sweet and rich. Through this direct contact, they became aware of the importance of helping to narrow the gap and economic differences between cocoa farmers and chocolate manufacturers. Inspired by this sensitizing experience, they got to work and started the Feitoria do Cacao project.

For a year Tomoko and Sue studied and trained as professional chocolatier and chocolate maker, conducted tests and experiments with cocoa from different countries until they achieved a product that focuses on the unique and special character that each terroir offers can. Feitoria do Cacao respects its nature and pays attention to every detail in the chocolate making process.

Since 2017, Feitoria do Cacao chocolates have received international recognition for the most prestigious awards in the industry, such as the Academy of Chocolate Awards, International Chocolate Awards and Great Taste.