It was in 1918 that the Flôres e Couto company was born in the city of Porto, which years later in 1931 was renamed Couto, Lda. At this point, Alberto Ferreira do Couto is solely responsible for running the company. In 1932, Alberto Ferreira Couto, in collaboration with a dentist friend, created the Pasta Medicinal Couto with the aim of combating gum problems caused by syphilis. And so Pasta Medicinal Couto quickly becomes the company's best-known product.

Along with its original design and famous retro packaging that marked 20th century Portuguese society, national fame came. Thanks to the famous TV commercial and the numerous advertisements that have been circulated all over the world for years, the awareness of Couto increased worldwide! Nowadays, Alberto Gomes da Silva, the nephew of the founder, heads the company, who successfully continued the company after his death in 1974. In 2004, the company, called Couto, S.A., left its previous facilities in Largo de São Domingos, Porto, and moved to the Utic industrial complex in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Using a modern laboratory, but in keeping with tradition and the old recipe, the paste is still made in a semi-handmade way. The goal is to manufacture products of the highest quality that do not contain any animal ingredients. In recent years, other products have been developed in addition to toothpaste and we are sure that many more great products will follow…