Flor da Selva Kaffee

Flor da Selva is a small, family-owned coffee roasting company based in the Bairro da Madragoa in Lisbon, where the tradition has been preserved since its foundation in 1950. At that time, due to the prevailing dictatorship, the company was only allowed to process coffee beans from the Portuguese colonies (Angola, Brazil, etc.). Today, Flor da Selva is known for its numerous exclusive coffee varieties and the associated slow roasting process of the coffee beans. The special characteristics of Flor da Selva's Portuguese coffee can be described as follows:

  • The composition of the batches preserves the original characteristics that already characterised Portuguese coffee in the 1950s
  • The coffee is made with firewood, as in the early days of its production
  • The coffee is natural and therefore free from additives

In this way, we can offer you an unadulterated Portuguese coffee whose taste characteristics are enhanced by the old roasting process.