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Vergoldetes Armband Herz
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Caramulo Schmuck


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Inspired by the overwhelming natural landscape of Serra do Caramulo, this special jewellery collection was created. With its exceptionally clean air, the Caramulo Mountains near Tondela are considered the "lungs of Portugal" and until the end of the 20th century were the most famous recreation area on the entire Iberian peninsula. The mountains were even said to have healing powers.

In addition to the fresh and clean air, the unique rock formations characterise the Caramulo Mountains. The green wide landscape with its large grey-flecked rock formations is therefore also reflected in the colour patterns of our Caramulo jewellery collection.

The greige-green heart natural stone stands for the wide landscape of the mountains and thus symbolises the lungs of the Serra do Caramulo. It is made of natural chalcedony jasper stone and forms the purest form of natural stone beads. Furthermore, the natural stone is said to have calming and grounding effects.

In combination with the 14-carat gold-plated bracelet made of stainless steel, a unique piece of jewellery made 100% by hand has been created, which combines the magical place of Caramulo and its special powers in one bracelet.


  • Length: ca. 19 cm
  • 14-carat gold-plated stainless steel
  • Heart pendant is made of the natural stone chalcedony jasper (white-green-brownish colouring).
  • All jewellery pieces are handmade and handcrafted by Giusi directly after receipt of order
  • Please note that each piece of our jewellery is unique. Due to the individuality of the natural materials, there may be slight variations in the colour and shape of the individual pieces of jewellery. This is also the result of 100% handwork, which we put a lot of love and care into every single product
  • Note: Avoid wearing the jewellery while bathing or showering as well as direct contact with cosmetics such as perfumes or creams!