Estrela Verde Armband
Armband Malachit Stein
Armband Malachit Stein


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Inspired by the country's star park in the Alentejo and derived from the Portuguese translation of the word "green star", our Estrela Verde bracelet was created. The base is a malachite stone whose green colour makes this bracelet a real highlight. Malachite is considered the stone of hope and is supposed to keep negative energies and burdens away from us.

In combination with the 14-carat gold-plated bracelet made of stainless steel, a unique piece of jewellery made 100% by hand has been created, which combines the magical powers of the malachite stone in one bracelet. 


    - Length: approx. 19 cm

    - 14-carat gold-plated stainless steel
    - Star pendant is made of malachite stone
    - All jewellery is handmade and will be handcrafted by Giusi directly after receipt of order
    - Please note that each piece of jewellery is unique. Due to the individuality of the natural materials, there may be slight variations in the colour and shape of each piece of jewellery. This is also the result of 100% handwork, which we put a lot of love and care into each individual product
    - Note: Avoid wearing the jewellery while bathing or showering as well as direct contact with cosmetics such as perfumes or creams!