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Inspired by the multi-faceted coastline of the Algarve, this pearl mobile phone necklace was created. Beaches with golden sand and impressive rocks symbolise this impressive place and its surroundings.

The pearl mobile phone chain with the sand-coloured natural stone pearls and the shell pendant brings exactly this place to your mobile phone chain. The natural materials and the built-in golden accents harmonise in a special way and connect the magical coastal landscape of the Algarve with your mobile phone.

Please note that each of our beaded mobile phone necklaces is unique. Due to the individuality of the natural materials, there may be slight variations in the colour and shape of the individual pieces of jewellery. This is also the result of 100% handwork, which we put a lot of love and care into every single product.

- Length: approx. 17 cm
- The sand-coloured natural stone beads are made of 100% natural materials.
- All pieces of jewellery are handmade and are handcrafted by Giusi directly after the order is received