Mysterious Places of Portugal - Part 1

Mysteriöse Orte Portugals

There are not many places in the world where you don't know exactly what to expect, even at second glance. Such a mystery lies in the middle of Portugal and has motivated us to tell you where this place is and what it is all about.

More precisely, it is about the Covão dos Conchos, a lake in Portugal with a 48-metre-wide and 4.6-metre-deep crater in the middle of the lake. This lake has existed since 1955 and is located in the middle of the Serra da Estrela, a natural park that is also home to Portugal's only ski resort. This is not surprising, because the highest point and peak of the Serra da Estrela counts a whole 1993 metres in altitude and is called Torre.

The Serra da Estrela is located in the east of central Portugal and is just under 200 kilometres from Porto by car. The route passes many small villages and was also a little highlight for us. Arriving at the Serra da Estrela Nature Park, there are many unique views, including the one you can admire in the photo above. But let's come back to the Covão dos Conchos with its crater. What is it all about?

Mysteriöse Orte Portugals

The crater, which became an insider tip among tourists through a drone shot a few years ago, was actually created by humans. It is an underground tunnel system to ensure the exchange of water between the two lakes "Ribeira das Naves" and "Lagoa Comprida". Under the crater is a tunnel almost 1500 metres long, which connects the two lakes underground.

If you plan to visit this mysterious place, you should definitely wear sturdy shoes, because to reach the Covão dos Conchos, you first have to complete an almost two-hour hike.

But this view and the nature around it are definitely worth it.

Source photos: hindthefocus

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