Boutiqua Portuguesa x Casa Iberica

Casa Iberica Partnerschaft

It is with great pleasure that we can inform you that we have entered into a long-term partnership with the Dortmund restaurant Casa Iberica. Together with Roger and Valter Fernandes Pereira, we will further strengthen the Portuguese presence in Dortmund and organise joint events in the future.

Our deepest gratitude goes to both of them, as they have welcomed us with their incredibly friendly and open-hearted manner and have opened up new opportunities for us as a start-up. Therefore, we are very happy to announce that our three green teas Invincible Lisboa Power, Romantic Porto Date and Blue Island Sensation are now available at the Portuguese bakery of Casa Iberica at Ossenbrink 55 in 44227 Dortmund.

Besides delicious Pasteis de Nata, Chouriço rolls, Bolo de Berlim and much more, you will also find our green teas there from today. It's worth stopping by, because Valter, a trained confectioner and chef, makes all the specialities by hand in the traditional way and bakes them the way they were baked in the monastery 50 years ago. The result is unique! So come and visit them and let them take you into the world of Portuguese specialities. Caution: danger of addiction!

Opening hours bakery:

SA-SO: 8.00h - 16.00h

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