Gift inspiration for Valentine's Day & insights into the Portuguese celebration of love

Valentine's Day gift inspiration

Another year has passed and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. For those who are still undecided about what to get their partner, we have put together our gift inspiration for a romantic celebration of love in 2022. We also give you an insight into two curious Portuguese Valentine's Day traditions.

First of all, we would like to reiterate that material gifts are never a substitute for the value of a shared activity or experience. These gifts are simply priceless and that is why we always prefer to give shared experiences on Valentine's Day. However, the current situation has also made it more difficult to give each other experiences on Valentine's Day, as it is often not foreseeable to what extent the current regulations regarding travel, events or eating out will make this possible at all. It is also nice to be able to unwrap a small, beautifully wrapped gift from your partner on Valentine's Day. Therefore, we have compiled a small gift guide with special products suitable for the celebration of love.

Valentine's Day gift inspiration

The highlight of our little gift guide is definitely our handmade jewellery made of 14k gold-plated stainless steel and our aphrodisiac Romantic Porto Date tea, which has been refined with raspberry pieces and rose petals. A large portion of love and passion has gone into each of our products, which unfolds when you open the product packaging.

Besides the insight into our Portuguese gift ideas, we would like to introduce you to two exciting facts about Valentine's Day in Portugal:

Nr. 1 „Cantarinha dos namorados”:

The "Cantarinha dos namorados" from Guimarães is based on an old tradition. The "cantarinha" is an earthenware jar that the future groom gave to his beloved before the official marriage proposal. If the proposal was accepted and the wedding took place, the jar was used to store the gifts from the groom and the bride's parents. These were usually pieces of jewellery made of gold, which were kept in the "cantarinha". Nowadays, the "Cantarinha dos namorados" still has a symbolic character and is presented as a guardian of love stories.

Nr. 2 „Lenço dos namorados”:

The "Lenço dos namorados" goes back to a 16th/17th century tradition in which women wore beautifully embroidered handkerchiefs in an attempt to discreetly attract the attention of men. If the women liked someone, they gave the man their handkerchief. If there was affection on both sides, the man would attach the handkerchief he had received to his coat, neck or cap. In case there was no interest, the woman received her handkerchief back. Symbolically, the embroidery represented the love between the man and the woman and is still a popular gift on Valentine's Day in Braga.

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