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Serramel Honig

It was with great disappointment that we learned at the weekend that products from the Portuguese brand Serramel will be on sale at Lidl Germany this week for prices starting at 3.79€. Many of you know that we started early with Serramel's honeys in our online shop and we really liked the family and natural concept of the founder.

The news that the honey can be offered for such a low price at Lidl calls into question the credibility and quality of the products on our part. Therefore, we have decided to remove the brand from our range in the long term. Due to our claim to offer you high-quality products from small producers in Portugal, we can no longer guarantee the advertised quality of the Serramel brand 100% under these circumstances.

As a young start-up, we had to make this decision yesterday with a heavy heart. Unfortunately, as a small buyer, we have little or no negotiating power compared to large buyers like Lidl. We are well aware of this, but even we did not expect such a price deviation. This also means that the honeys will be on offer from now on until the stock is sold out.

We will continue to keep our eyes open for high quality Portuguese honeys in the future. Thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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