4 reasons why green tea parsley is a real insider tip

Green tea parsley positive effects

Anyone who comes across green tea parsley in our online boutique usually has relatively little idea of what it tastes. Parsley? After all, I sometimes use it in the kitchen to flavour dishes and my neighbours have also planted it in their garden. But as a tea? Yet parsley is a real wonder herb and in many ways an ideal companion in our everyday lives. We will show you what parsley can do and give you five good reasons to integrate green tea parsley into your everyday life:

Immune system

One of the most important aspects of our time is to take care of and strengthen our immune system. Especially against the background of the current pandemic and the changing temperatures, one should pay attention to a sufficient vitamin supply. Parsley is an important source of vitamin C in this context. In combination with Cha Gorreana's green tea, which was even said to have preventive effects for Covid19 , parsley is a real tonic for the body. Although the positive effects on the coronavirus should be viewed with caution, many general positive properties on the immune system have already been researched for both green tea and parsley.


Besides the positive effects oh human health, taste also plays a very important role for all of us. Here we can say that the green tea parsley from the Azores is mild and tangy in taste and is perceived as very pleasant. The tea is somewhat reminiscent of a herbal tea and can also be consumed in the evening due to the low level of bitterness in Cha Gorreana's green tea. In addition, the brewing time can be varied according to taste, as even with a brewing time of 5 minutes, the green tea from the Azores does not become bitter. Furthermore, Cha Gorreana does not use any additional flavourings in its green teas, so that the overall taste is somewhat milder, but 100% natural.


VMany people may already know that green tea is generally dehydrating and has positive effects on water retention in the body. What many probably did not know is that these properties also apply to parsley. In an article published a few months ago in ELLE Deutschland Magazine, parsley tea was even explicitly recommended as a home remedy for water retention in the body. According to this, the right herbs stimulate the water circulation in us, support our kidneys and activate the lymphatic system. In addition, parsley is said to have diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can also help with high blood pressure.

Fresh breath

Another problem that parsley can solve is bad breath. After an extensive meal with lots of spices, such as onions and garlic, it is quite possible for the smell to linger in the mouth for a few hours and be perceived as unpleasant by those around you. Parsley can help here, as the chlorophyll and essential oils contained in the herb neutralise unwanted odours in the mouth. Therefore, after a large meal, green tea can not only be good for the stomach, but in combination with parsley it can also freshen the breath.


All in all, the tea blend green tea parsley from the Azores is a real insider tip and an optimal companion in colder temperatures. So if you prefer 100% natural ingredients, no added flavourings and a pesticide-free cultivation of tea, you should not miss the green tea parsley from Cha Gorreana.

Source Photo: Sarah Pflug

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