Romantic sunset boat tour in Lisbon

Romantische Bootstour auf dem Tejo Fluss in Lissabon

On our last summer holiday in Portugal, we were very happy to experience one of the most unforgettable boat trips of our lives. 

The boat tour started around 4:30 pm near the Torre de Bélem and took place on a very old vintage sailing boat that had been beautifully restored. It was truly a unique and special experience to sail down the Tejo River on such a historic vessel. The tour lasted about two hours in total, during which time we were able to enjoy the breathtaking view of Lisbon from the water.

Padrão dos Descobrimentos in Lissabon mit Blick vom Boot aus

Being close to the Torre de Belém, the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, the Lisbon Bridge and the Cristo Rei from the river was truly an unforgettable experience. These landmarks have played a significant role in Lisbon's history and it was a special feeling to be able to see them so close from the water. There were six other friendly guests on the boat with us, but there was also enough space for everyone and we were able to enjoy the whole two hours of the trip undisturbed.

The last hour of the tour, as the sun slowly set, was particularly magical. The sky turned a deep orange and the city lights began to twinkle. It was a romantic atmosphere that was simply breathtaking and we especially enjoyed it as a couple.

Cristo Rei Statue vom Tejo Fluss bei Sonnenuntergang

Another little highlight of the boat trip was the food. We were served delicious bread, cheese and Portuguese chorizo as well as rosé wine. The food was all locally sourced and very tasty. The guide and captain João and the crew were very friendly and told us some fascinating stories about Lisbon and the history of the city that even we didn't know. You could more than see João's passion and enjoyment for his job.

Overall, it was a really enriching and inspiring experience and we can recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in Lisbon and the history of the city or simply wants to experience the beauty of Lisbon from unique perspectives.

Romantischer Sonnenuntergang in Lissabon. Bootstour für Paare und alle, die es romantisch mögen

So if you're looking for an unforgettable experience in Lisbon, we highly recommend this boat tour. You won't regret it! The tour on the Tejo River cost us 45€ per person (incl. wine, snacks & blankets on board).  

Here you will find the link*, where you can find and book the exact same tour at the top of the page. We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy your next trip to Lisbon!

P.S.: The tour has currently a relatively high demand and is often fully booked. Therefore, we strongly recommend you book the tour well in advance of your trip to Lisbon.

*the link shown above is an affiliate link.

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