Visiting Flor da Selva in Lisbon

Flor da Selva Kaffee

When we finally arrived at Travessa do Pasteileiro 32 in Lisbon's Bairro da Madragao district, we had to look very carefully, because the entrance to the Monteiro family coffee roastery is very inconspicuous. In the end, however, our noses were not mistaken and the faint smell of coffee that drifted through the entrance door outside brought us inside the Flor da Selva family business.

Arriving at the traditional coffee roastery, where coffees from all over the world have been roasted in the third generation since 1950, we were warmly welcomed directly by the son Francisco Monteiro. Besides son Francisco, father Jorge Faria Monteiro was also on site and personally served his customers at the same time. Fortunately, we had announced our visit in advance and Francisco was therefore able to guide us through the premises of the coffee roastery in peace. Always surrounded by fine coffee aromas, Francisco showed us the different types of coffee and presented the machines for roasting coffee.

For those of you who didn't know, Flor da Selva still roasts its coffee in the traditional way over wood and has one of the few machines from Germany in the world. This traditional roasting is also the secret recipe of son Francisco and father Jorge. In combination with selected coffee beans of the highest quality, an indescribable taste is created that you can taste through the cup.

It is therefore not surprising that the two have even made it to Paris this summer, to the Bon Marché Rive Gauche, with their coffee. Stocked with different types of coffee, Francisco and his father finally see us off at the door and a wonderful afternoon comes to an end for us.

Of course, we offer the freshly roasted coffee from Flor da Selva here in our online shop. But if you have the opportunity and a little more time in Lisbon, you should visit the Monteiro family yourself and bring home a coffee or two.

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