Boutiqua Portuguesa launches first own handmade jewellery collection

Portugiesischer Schmuck

As the next "important and logical step", the founding couple around Giuseppina Licata and Marc Rodrigues of the Portuguese online boutique "Boutiqua Portuguesa" described the launch of their first own handmade jewellery collection this month. Alongside their own Portuguese green tea range, which the founding couple launched in August this year, this is the second range of products they have developed and manufactured themselves.

In the two different jewellery collections, Azulejo and Caramulo, gold-plated stainless steel meets natural materials such as shell pearls or natural stones, symbolising magical places in Portugal. Founder Giuseppina Licata describes the handmade jewellery pieces as "truly unique pieces that can always differ slightly in shape or colour due to the natural materials used". For the Caramulo jewellery collection, for example, the founding couple was inspired by the Caramulo mountains in the centre of Portugal and used corresponding natural stones. For the Azulejo collection, on the other hand, the traditional pattern of Portuguese wall tiles was integrated into the jewellery using white shell beads.

The result is a unique range of jewellery that, despite the high quality materials used and the time-consuming handwork, is available for as little as 29.90€. If you ask the founding couple, many more product launches are to follow in the future, making the online shop increasingly a special place on the web. "The jewellery range was just the right conclusion to this turbulent and exhausting year. New products of our own will not follow again until 2022," promises founder Marc Rodrigues with a somewhat weary smile.

The 14-carat gold-plated handmade jewellery by Giuseppina Licata has been available in the online shop of Boutiqua Portuguesa since the end of December.


Boutiqua Portuguesa is an online boutique that sells products from Portugal and has launched a Portuguese-inspired jewellery collection alongside its own Portuguese green tea range in December 2021. All products are sourced from Portugal by the two founders Giuseppina Licata and Marc Rodrigues themselves or made in Germany and offered for sale in their online boutique. With their own green tea range, the founding couple wants to be increasingly listed with local stationary retailers in the future and bring a piece of Portuguese lifestyle to Germany. Close and personal contact with suppliers and customers is very important to both of them.

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