Founding couple sell their own green tea blends from the oldest tea plantation in Europe

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Out of love for aroma-free green teas, a fouder couple from Dortmund launched their own green tea range last week. The two students Giuseppina Licata and Marc Rodrigues, who are currently completing their Master's degree at Münster University of Applied Sciences, want to take off with their own green teas in the retail sector in addition to further developing their Portuguese online boutique.

Starting with the opening of an online boutique in November 2020, the founding couple brought Portuguese delicatessen and care products to Germany in the midst of the pandemic. Among them was green tea from the Azores in Portugal, which the two immediately fell in love with: "We immediately fell in love with the fresh taste and thought about refining the tea with other special ingredients," enthuses founder Giuseppina Licata. Months of work followed, during which the couple finished the green tea blends, created the design for the product packaging and bottled the loose tea themselves.

The result is the three varieties Invincible Lisboa Power, Romantic Porto Date and Blue Island Sensation, which are added without any additional aromas or flavour enhancers. The basis of the individual recipes for the tea is green tea from the oldest tea plantation in Europe, "Cha Gorreana" in the Azores, which stands for responsible and ecological tea cultivation.

The green tea draws its special flavour from the humid and salty sea region where the plantation is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and therefore does not need any chemical pesticides. The tea plantation in the Azores is also largely run by hydroelectric power and is known for its sustainable and ethical tea cultivation with fair pay for the tea pickers.

When designing the packaging, the founding couple paid special attention to Portugal and drew inspiration for the design from Portuguese wall tiles (azulejos). Each of the three tile patterns can be found in similar form on the facades of Portugal's cities.

The three green tea blends have been available in 50g packages in the online shop of Boutiqua Portuguesa since last week.


Boutiqua Portuguesa is an online boutique that sells products from Portugal and has launched its own Portuguese green tea range. All products are sourced from Portugal by the two founders Giuseppina Licata and Marc Rodrigues themselves and offered for sale in the online boutique. With their own green tea range, the founding couple wants to be listed at local stationary retailers in the coming months and bring a piece of Portuguese lifestyle to Germany. Close and personal contact with suppliers and customers is very important to both of them.

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